What is it?

Polyarthralgia refers to pain in multiple joints. It may be caused due to multiple reasons. Polyarthralgia is not caused due to inflammation of the joints, unlike polyarthritis. Causes for polyarthralgia include osteoarthritis, joint dislocations, tendinitis, hypothyroidism, bone cancer, sprains, pinched nerves, stress fractures and pseudogout.

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms include pain, tenderness in the joints, burning feelings, joint stiffness or difficulty to move the joints.


Diagnosis is based upon findings from medical history and physical examination. Further evaluation may include blood tests, arthrocentesis, and imaging tests.


Treatment depends on the underlying cause and may include lifestyle changes such as exercising and losing weight as well as acupuncture, massage, applying heat or cooling down the area, and medications such as pain relievers, steroids,muscle relaxants, topical capsaicin and lidocaine.

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