What is it?

A benign or malignant tissue growth resulting from uncontrolled cell proliferation. Benign neoplastic cells resemble normal cells without exhibiting significant cytologic atypia, while malignant cells exhibit overt signs. Representative examples of benign neoplasms include papillomas, cystadenomas, and lipomas; malignant neoplasms include carcinomas, sarcomas, lymphomas, and leukemias. Neoplasms of Unspecified Nature is a general term for autonomous tissue growth in which the malignancy status has not been established and for which the transformed cell type has not been specifically identified.

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Signs & symptoms

Signs and symptoms may vary, depending on the site of the neoplasm, its size, and other characteristics. Many people may be asymptomatic.


Diagnosis is made by pathological examination of cells taken out from the mass.


Treatment depends on the tumor characteristics of the tumor. Sometimes, the approach will be to follow it.

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