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Hi All, I'm trying my best to lose weight. I've tried: - Calorie Deficit Diet (which worked I lost 14kg/31 pounds in 3 months without training but I developed a bad relationship with food in general. I just lost appetite completely. I fell back into eating unhealthy after. -I've tried training with healthier food choices but it doesn't last long. I feel as if I cannot make it a lifestyle. I have a medditeranian/middle Easter family and all our foods are high in fat/oil. Mother and Family show their love through feeding you to the brim and it gets difficult when you're surrounded with this. I also don't mind meal prepping, however I struggle to get creative with foods that I will enjoy and are convenient/easy to make. Do you all have any suggestions or any tips that have helped you lose weight?

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One user found success by connecting with a registered dietitian on YouTube, Abbey Sharp, who recommends eating more complex carbs like whole wheat bread that have lots of fiber in them, and upping intake of protein and healthy fats to keep fuller longer. Another user suggested intermittent fasting as a great way to lose weight. Portion control and eating sweets earlier in the day was also recommended. One user mentioned the medication Vyvanse helped with their binge eating disorder and reduced their constant food cravings. Lastly, simply eating less, only when you're hungry and stopping when you aren't quite full was suggested as an effective method for weight loss.

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