I’m always getting very irritated and upset over nothing. I don’t think before I speak. People have turned me into a person I don’t recognize anymore. I don’t like being like this, and I don’t know what to do. I just get really mad over literally nothing… I’m trying to change but idk how

Chronic Irritability and Anger

Restlessness and Agitation

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  • CureChingu


    Me too, I say that when it's windy try to go outside and let the wind hit you and take the frustration away with it. It works for me. I get frustrates over the tiniest of things and I'll have to be told multiple times that's its not that big of a deal and it can be fixed. Try patting your shoulders while breathing too.

    • Kamie


      Thank you so much, I’ll have to try that🤍

  • shartshark69


    Go outside and throw a tantrum. Stomp the ground, scream and yell, roll around. And when you start to feel like a moron because you're acting like a child, you'll realize that being angry over little things is the same thing. It's childish and a waste of precious time. That's something that's always helped me straighten up and act like an adult. It'll make you realize that when you get angry and hit things or just act afool in general ,people see you like a child throwing a tantrum and nothing more.

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