Anyone have any suggestions on healthy anger coping mechanism?

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Chronic Irritability and Anger

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  • shartshark69


    Go outside and throw a tantrum. Stomp the ground, scream and yell, roll around. And when you start to feel like a moron because you're acting like a child, you'll realize that being angry over little things is the same thing. It's childish and a waste of precious time. That's something that's always helped me straighten up and act like an adult. It'll make you realize that when you get angry and hit things or just act afool in general ,people see you like a child throwing a tantrum and nothing more.

    • Tetra


      if I could just stop being angry I would bro

      • Livingasazebra


        why does he think this is helpful? That’s the most disrespectful and rude comment I’ve ever read on alike before. Telling ppl to basically just “snap out of it” and realise how stupid they are for having emotional dysregulation is ridiculous. Or a personality disorder or whatever causes ur anger issues. I’m so sorry u had that comment written towards u but I totally understand how hard anger issues are and my best advice is to squeeze a really hard stress ball and scream in a room by yourself

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