Anyone able to reverse POTS? I just started a Whole Foods plant based diet.

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • hippo5


    I’m currently vegan and gluten free and have been doing the best I can to take care of myself! Unfortunately, I have been unable to reverse POTS but i have been able to lessen my symptoms!

  • Zozo


    How long have you been vegan?

  • coolhippieaunt


    yes! a POTS specialist said my POTS was the worst he’d ever seen. but i went on a low dose of florenef for about a year and took salt tablets when i needed them, & got used to recognizing my warning signs. i kept water, snacks, gaterade, salt tabs on me at all times. light but consistent aerobic activity/yoga & tracking my heart rate with a fit bit also helped. compression stockings for really hard days. but the low dose of the florenef is what i think really did it for me. make sure to get a good amount of protein, carbs & fat into every meal- keep your body as well nourished & hydrated as you can

  • Belle640


    I discovered my Vitamin D was super low, 15.8, and immediately was prescribed 50,000 iu weekly pills. They’ve helped my symptoms SO much. Between that and the proper hydrating I feel much better. I was alone at work the other day and said out loud, “look at me standing up in one spot without being lightheaded!” 😄 No one was there to hear me but no one irl would’ve really understood anyway lol.

  • AppleJuice


    sadly there is not cure for POTS…there may be ways to manage symptoms and not feel as bad or not notice as much but there’s no cure…i however have not found a way to lessen my symptoms so far

  • Avie


    I’ve been vegan (was a GF vegan for 5 of those… and strictly so- there was a suspect that I was celiac) for ten years…. It hasn’t made a difference with my pots. Pots isn’t a food allergy - it’s a nervous system reaction. It can be helped by salt though so eat up that sodium!!

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