I recently got diagnosed with bipolar 2 about a month and a half ago. For about 5 years I felt lost and helpless thinking I would never get better. I was put on three medications before starting lamictal. I honestly thought medication just didn’t work for me, but it’s just because I wasn’t getting the correct medication. I thought it was impossible and I had doubts about lamictal. I finally feel motivation to continue my life and actually look forward to the future. A feeling I never thought I would have again. If you’re reading this I just want to let you know that it takes time. I know it may feel like giving up is easier, and that you may feel like you will never heal. I believe in you. You’ve endured so much, you’re exhausted and it’s hard, but you’re so strong. I know I’m just an anonymous message but I’m proud of you, seriously. I don’t know your story but I know that you deserve the world. I believe in you I really do. If you ever need someone to talk too I’m here. sometimes I feel like a burden talking about my feelings with friends and family, especially if they don’t understand. So just know I’m here and I’d be more than happy to talk to you :)



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