I have been really struggling with seasonal affective disorder this year. I wake up and feel so depressed with no reason. My life is actually really amazing: great job, amazing boyfriend, perfect family and friends. I just can’t shake this unhappiness. I know it’s only for this season, but I’m really struggling to get through it. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how do you get yourself through it??

Episodic Mood Disorder

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  • Hoppy07


    I have and I’ve found doing what little u can when u feel good enough helps and just taking care of urself physical can make a huge difference. For my self harm was an issue for a lil while u can use red marker or ice. For me coloring helps too…. Oh and music FOR SURE helps me even now try to create a routine n do the best u can when u feel up to it to try n stick to it. I truly hope your feel better soon and I’m so very sorry ur having to go through this❤️❤️ if u ever need someone to talk to ur welcome to DM me

  • Hoppy07


    Also i saw u have ADD so play dough might be great for you my boyfriend loves it but just make sure u try and put the lid back on when ur done or just get a super heavy duty ziplock bag and leave it in the bag while u use it or u can take it out n put it back in the bag. Just make sure u don’t have holes….. oh also those little toys with the pins that u cna make hand imprints on my bf loves that too i do too cuz it feels cool. ❤️❤️❤️ hope that helps some

  • Ameg


    I feel ya. Same. I try to make sure I take my vitamins d. And have been thinking of getting one of those “happy” lights. Idk

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