I need help with coping mechanisms. I have habits that cause harm to my body (not self harm, just tics that hurt me) [skin picking mostly] and I need to stop them before they make it worse :( any suggestions?

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  • Bri004


    I use to do that but what helped for me is that I did things that make me calm and happy. I recommend to do something that puts your mind off of that. Like whatever makes you happy you should do or maybe listen to some music if that's what you like

  • salemtrials


    something that was helpful for me was to start with being aware that it was even happening! i found that when i was picking my skin i was doing it without even thinking. being aware that it’s happening and then brainstorming another thing to fidget with (like a stress ball, pen to click, etc) or a way to self-soothe (meditation, journaling)

  • Mazzyllene


    I can't tell you how to stop, but I can tell you I pick as well. I've made myself bleed without even being aware. Best I can do is keep my skin clean and exfoliated. For me, that makes it less likely to have something or somewhere I'd pick.

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