Okay so, in 2019 I saw a doctor for depression and she put me on Wellbutrin but it sent me into a hypomanic episode, so then she said I was likely bipolar 2 but before we could start Lamictal, I went to Greece for a study abroad semester that had been planned a while back. Once I was there I felt paranoid and crazy and really depressed, I think it was a mixed episode but when I saw the school psychiatrist at the Greek college, he said I was too young to be diagnosed with bipolar but gave me a script for Seroquel and said that would help w the symptoms I had. And oh boy it did help. I woke up the next day like a new person and the rest of my time in Europe went much smoother, Seroquel gave me my life back. But when I came home to the US I got a new psychiatrist and she continued the Seroquel but has been lowering the dose over the pay two years bc of the long term effects of high doses of Seroquel. I went from 300mg to now 50mg. Since then we’ve tried Prozac (I stopped taking it after a week for reasons I can’t remember) and Trazodone (which torpedoed my sex drive and didn’t work). She doesn’t think I’m bipolar because she only met me after the seroquel and also I don’t talk to her much which is my fault. But my mood episodes have been unbearable so I’m going to talk to her on Thursday about bipolar 2 and starting another mood stabilizer to replace seroquel since it is a very powerful drug and not a great long term solution. I just am so scared she won’t believe me or take me seriously. I’ve been doing a lot of research and I think I’m going to ask her to screen me for bipolar 2 and start a mood stabilizer such as Lamictal, bc that’s what my previous psychiatrist had suggested. I hate talking to doctors about my symptoms though bc I always feel like I’m faking it.


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  • fairysheep


    I've been on seroquel a long time and am having issues with metabolic syndrome now, so I agree it's good to move away from it! It's tough getting doctors to believe my bipolar 2 diagnosis even though I have an official record just cause it lacks extreme symptoms and I think episodic depression involves treatment with less side effects, so I get you. It really sucks to not be listened to! But you know your experience and a good doctor will listen to you and your past doctors. You always have the right to advocate for yourself! Lamictal is a great medication and I do think it's worth a try. Maybe try writing down what you want to talk about in advance so you can present it more confidently?

  • BeaniePerez


    Bipolar 2 is so tricky :( i was diagnosed in September, along with ADHD. I’ve been on lexapro since 2020 for MDD, but it only helped the depressive parts of my BP2. from my experience, bp2 is seen so much as just ~normal little mood swings~ and it’s hard to be taken seriously. I wish you luck in finding something that helps!!! I’m sorry i don’t have any experience with mood stabilizers, but know you’re not at all by yourself. doctors love to gaslight for some reason. it was so rough for mine to believe i was ever told i had ehlers…when i was fully tested and all. so weird.

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