What is it?

Delusional disorder is a mental condition in which the person has a hard time distinguishing between what is real and what they imagine. A delusion is an unshakable belief in something which is not true. Delusional people imagine and believe in real-life events such as being followed, loved, or betrayed. In reality, these situations do not happen or are misinterpreted. Usually, delusional people function normally, go to work, have families, and friends apart from the delusional subject. Delusional disorder on its own is quite rare and is more common in middle and late life. The most common delusional themes include erotomanic delusions, grandiose delusions, jealousy, persecutory, and somatic.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Erotomanic delusion disorder
- Cotard's syndrome

Signs & symptoms

Other symptoms, except for the non-bizarre delusions may include low mood, irritability, anger, and hallucinations.


Diagnosis is based upon findings from medical history and interviewing the patient by mental health professionals.


Delusional disorder is treated with a combination of medications (typically- antipsychotics) and psychotherapy such as CBT, individual and family therapy.

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