Hi everyone,

Sorry if this is a bit of a rant but I’m feeling really down :frowning:

I had a colposcopy and punch biopsy on 18th November and I’ve had non stop issues since. A few days later I was in a lot of pain, went to the out of hours doctors and was diagnosed with a uti and thrush and given medication - unfortunately gp prescribed me the wrong thrush cream so it did nothing, and the antibiotics gave me horrendous side effects. Got switched to different antibiotics and ended up at a late night pharmacy a few days later in agony down there, and was given thrush tablets and better cream, better pain relief and things seemed to clear up after a few days off work and rest. Had some swabs taken as a precautionary, which came back with a bacterial infection but because my symptoms seemed to clear up and my cervix was healed upon inspection (so the infection wasn’t there), it was deemed no further action.

A week later, the pain started coming back, I tried ignoring it thinking it was in my head but again got to a point where I was in tears and could barely walk or stand up. As I’ve had reactions/side effects of a number of antibiotics in the past I was sent to the emergency gynae ward as they have access to other antibiotics, and I was sent away with Clindamycin and told at the end of it to get swabs redone to ensure it’s fully gone as it was a 2nd option antibiotic. I’m on the last day of my Clindamycin now and whilst it’s better than it was at the start of treatment, im still in pain when walking or cold, and really don’t think it’s gone :frowning: I’ve been prescribed more thrush stuff as dr thought I maybe got thrush from the antibiotics, but I really feel that the bacterial infection hasn’t gone and my follow up swabs aren’t until Saturday morning.

I’m completely miserable, been off work for a week already and I’m now signed off for two weeks due to pain and how bad my mental health has got due to all this. I found the colposcopy and punch biopsy traumatic as it was due to past experiences, and I feel like I can’t just get on with my life and move on from it, I’m even having nightmares about weird gynae procedures. Bacterial infections are generally common but I don’t know many people who have had massive pain with them. I just feel like it’s never gonna end and I’m so down. Unsure if any of it’s even related to the procedure I had but it’s weirdly coincidental, has anyone else just seemed to become completely aggravated down there after similar procedures? Did things ever get better cos I’m going out of my mind? God knows what I’ll do if there’s any follow up treatment I need…

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