How do you get motivated to do anything when you're in constant pain? I have so much stuff I don't get done because it'll hurt.


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  • Belugabear


    I think part of it is remembering you don’t have to do everything. It stinks when you have things you need to do but just can’t. It doesn’t sound like motivation is the problem. Hopefully you can learn to accept that you can’t do everything and be proud of anything you do get done! Get out of bed? That’s a win? Shower? HUGE win!! Celebrate the seemingly small stuff, because it actually means a lot 💕

  • YanyLaurel


    I am where you are. I completely understand. It's so frustrating to have to decide between having my laundry done and being in pain from bending over, or just wearing dirty clothes so I don't lock up my SI joints. Something that is helpful for me in this situation is explaining to the people around you what it is like. For months and months my husband did not understand why I wouldn't clean the room. I also highly suggest getting a grabber tool. It makes a huge difference in my life, I'm actually able to do stuff. Take care of yourself and be easy on yourself!

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