There never seems to be enough time in the day. It's hard for me to remain motivated to get stuff done.

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  • funnygirl


    I'm right there with you! This is what I have learned. If I need to clean or do house stuff before work I get up, put my shoes on and play energizing music. If I leave the TV on I'll just want to sit and watch, nothing gets done. If I need to do stuff after work like clean, whatever...same routine, play music, also very important...if what I'm wearing is ok to clean in I won't change clothes because as soon as you come home and get too comfortable you'll sit down and you're done for the night. I'm a major procrastinator and learned if I get something out "put it up" asap when done with it because as soon as you "put it down" it becomes part of the chores you'll have to do later. So don't "put it down", "put it up". I have pain everyday and taking a shower, washing dishes, is a struggle so every little bit helps

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