hi! I'm new, but wanted to know if anyone can relate to the feeling of being stuck in one's own body? rather than depersonalizing in the sense of seeing yourself in a 3rd person, I am very hyper aware of my existence and feel trapped.


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  • Weezy


    Every day just about

  • CrushedSnow


    I can definitely relate. There are a lot of times where I am in disbelief of my own body and how and when changes occur. Sometimes my body does something without me telling it to do that and it scares me. The feeling of being on a never-ending autopilot is definitely there.

  • Cress


    I have mostly depersonalization, but basically whenever I get a break in the depersonalization, I get really intense anxiety and that feeling of being stuck in my body due to chronic illness and disability. Including the hyper-aware

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