What is it?

Vocal cord disorders refer to any anatomical or functional issue that affects the vocal cords.
Common vocal cord disorders are:
- Laryngitis - inflammation of the vocal cords.
- Vocal nodules - noncancerous calluses on the vocal cords caused by vocal abuse, seen among singers.
- Vocal polyps - soft, noncancerous growth, similar to a blister.
- Vocal cord paralysis - may happen when one or both vocal cords doesn’t open or close properly.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Paradoxical movement of vocal fold
- Vocal chord dysfunction (VCD)
- Vocal cord disorders

Signs & symptoms

Symptoms vary, based on the type of vocal cord disorder. They include changes in your normal voice or trouble swallowing and coughing.


Your healthcare provider may ask you about any hoarseness or change in voice that lasts longer than two weeks. They may may examine your vocal cords internally with a small scope called a laryngoscope. Based on the findings, they may refer you to a voice specialist or ENT for a full examination of the vocal folds.


Treatment to some vocal cord diseases may include any of the following:
- Resting the voice.
- A referral to a speech-language pathologist
- Surgery to remove growths.

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