What is it?

Dyschromia is an abnormality in your skin colour. This can be due to hyper (over) pigmentation or hypo (reduced) pigmentation of your skin. Causes include melasma, some types of skin cancers, and more.
Vitiligo is one of the most common causes of dyschromia.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Hyperpigmentation (darkening) of skin
- Hypopigmentation (loss of skin color)
- Achromia of skin
- Acromelanosis
- Cafe au lait spots
- Freckles
- Halo nevus
- Hereditary diffuse melanosis
- Hereditary reticulate melanosis
- Idiopathic chloasma
- Lentigo - freckle
- Lentigo (brown spot on skin)
- Leukoderma estivale
- Melanoderma
- Melanosis
- Nevoid lentiginosis
- Nevus anemicus
- Pigmentary incontinence
- Poikiloderma
- Presence of xanthochromia
- Staining of skin
- Tattoo
- Hypermelanosis
- Hypomelanosis


The diagnosis is usually clinical, based on physical examination and history. Your doctor may also use a special ultraviolet lamp known as Wood’s lamp. A skin biopsy is usually not necessary but may be helpful for challenging cases.

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