What is it?

Constipation is a condition which can be defined as a state of infrequent stools and difficulty in passing stools, or unsatisfactory defecation. Chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC) is a chronic condition without any known cause or identified underlying illness (idiopathic).

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Signs & symptoms

Infrequent bowel movements and difficulty passing stool, are the most common symptoms. Other symptoms may include:
- Straining
- Hard stools
- A feeling of incomplete evacuation


The diagnosis is usually based on your symptoms that a person is experiencing. Your healthcare provider will ask you how often do you pass stools, and about accompanying symptoms. He or she may conduct a physical examination that may include digital rectal exam. They may refer you to further tests such as:
- Colonoscopy
- Blood tests
- MRI scans


Treatment options for chronic idiopathic constipation include:
- Dietary changes - increasing dietary fiber and water intake
- Fibre supplements
- Osmotic laxatives - can help with softening stool and improving regularity of bowel movements
- Lubiprostone and Linaclotide - these medications increase the amount of fluid in the guy by increasing the amount of chloride that is screted into the guy.

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