What is it?

Polyuria is excessive urine production, while frequent urination is the need to urinate many times during the day, night, or both. Polyuria most commonly appears in diabetes. It could also occur in pregnancy, kidney disease, liver disease, Cushing's syndrome, hypercalcemia, anxiety, alcohol, caffeine and some medications. Frequent urination can be caused by conditions such as an overactive bladder, an enlarged prostate, urinary tract infections, neurological conditions and diuretic use.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Urinary Frequency
- Nocturia
- Polyuria

Signs & symptoms

Polyuria symptoms may include thirst and waking up often at night.


Diagnosis is based upon physical examination and medical history. For polyuria, a 24-hour urine test may be done as well as a water deprivation test. Blood tests may be taken to check electrolytes, glucose tests to see if the person has diabetes and pituitary function tests. For frequent urination, a urinalysis, cystometry, cystoscopy, neurological test, and US scan.


The treatment for is treating the underlying cause. For frequent urination, bladder training could be an adequate treatment, diet modification, monitoring fluid and food intake and biofeedback.

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