What is it?

Abnormal uterine bleeding is heavier bleeding than normal or bleeding that does not occur during menses. Abnormal uterine bleeding can be caused by many things; Polyps, fibroids, pregnancy, infections, birth control pills, intrauterine devices, thyroid problems, and uterine cancer are some of the causes for abnormal uterine bleeding. Dysfunctional uterine bleeding means that the reason is hormonal, and it is more common in young women or in women in the perimenopause area.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Pubertal Menorrhagia
- Metrorrhagia
- Breakthrough bleeding
- Intermenstrual bleeding
- Postcoital Bleeding
- Scanty Menstruation
- Hypomenorrhea
- Oligomenorrhea
- Ovulation Bleeding

Signs & symptoms

Abnormal uterine bleeding symptoms may include heavier bleeding, using more tampons or sanitary pads than usual, a period that lasts more than 7 days, bleeding that occurs between menses. If the bleeding is very heavy, the patient may suffer from anemia signs- pallor and fatigue.


Diagnosis for abnormal uterine bleeding starts with medical history and a pelvic examination, including pelvic US. Then, depending on the woman’s age and history, other tests may be performed such as pregnancy test, blood tests, endometrial biopsies and hysteroscopy.


Abnormal uterine bleeding treatment depends on the reason causing it, on the women’s overall health, symptoms, age and preferences. Some of the treatments may include birth control pills, intrauterine devices, dilation and curettage, endometrial ablation and hysterectomy.

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