What is it?

Asperger’s syndrome is no longer an official diagnosis, but a part of the mild end of what is called the autistic spectrum disorder. People who have Asperger’s syndrome may have difficulties with social interactions. They usually can manage the daily life activities and can go to work or function in class.

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Signs & symptoms

Asperger’s syndrome symptoms may include hyperfocus, a narrow topic of interest, trouble recognizing social cues, difficulty reading facial expressions or body language and difficulty with coordination or motor skills.


A mental health professional or a neurologist can diagnose Asperger’s by assessing key areas including language skills, social interactions, facial expressions, interest in interacting with others, attitude toward change, and motor skills.


Asperger’s syndrome is not a medical condition that requires treatment but therapy such as CBT, speech therapy, social skills training, physical therapy and occupational therapy may help.

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