What is it?

Antisocial personality disorder is a mental disorder characterized by lack of regret, and ignoring the feelings and rights of other people. People who have this disorder tend to manipulate and use the people who are close to them to their own good. They could also violate the law and become criminals. They have problems keeping close relationships and function in society, in work and other settings.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Dissocial Personality Disorder

Signs & symptoms

Antisocial personality disorder traits include disregarding right and wrong, lying, deceiting, exploiting other people, manipulating others with charm or wit, arrogance, impulsivity, hostility, lack of empathy, risk taking, and being consistently irresponsible and repeatedly failing to fulfill work or financial obligations.


This diagnosis is often done by a mental health professional, after interviewing the patient and listing the symptoms according to the DSM-5. This disorder is not diagnosed before the age of 18.


Antisocial personality disorder is difficult to treat, as these people usually do not feel that the disorder causes them to suffer so they do not seek treatment. It could be treated with psychotherapy, but it is not always effective.

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