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What advice do you have for catastrophic thinking after getting triggered by something? Sometimes I will come across things that make me imagine myself ending up in the worst scenario and going through the same thing another person has gone through. Example - if I read about a celebrity who shares a medical condition with me and find out they ended up in an emergency situation/almost died/etc. I think the same thing will happen to me and freak out. I automatically start imagining myself running into a similar situation and start panicking about the future. I know it's probably better not to read too much negative health stuff on the Internet to begin with but sometimes I run into it without meaning to (like when it happened earlier today, I was reading the Wikipedia article of a celebrity and it was in their Personal Life section). I just hate how my brain makes me think the worst things are going to happen to me and can't stop my fear/panic from taking over.

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One way to deal with catastrophic thinking is to remind yourself that the worst-case scenarios are usually unlikely. Try focusing on positive outcomes and practice mindfulness techniques, such as taking a few minutes each day to close your eyes and think of your favorite things or using apps like "Mindfulness" to help train your brain to focus on the positives. Additionally, writing down 3-5 good things that happened each day can help shift your perspective and allow you to see the good in situations.

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