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How do you all manage your IBS symptoms when working? I am 20 years old, but I am starting my first “real” job next week! I just signed the contract for my first ever house to live on my own, and now I start work next week. I already know that my stomach will flare up due to the stress/excitement, and I can’t just go running back home. Do any of you have any remedies or coping skills that might ease my stomach and bowels? I want to be able to finally start adulting, but I feel like my gut health will be my biggest barrier.

    • shoe


      Well, if you know it will affect your work, make sure they know. Then sometimes you just have to go to the toilet and tell someone. If you think it needs to be controlled, then try some medication.

    • Krystal


      Hi 👋 Congratulations on your new house and job! I have been suffering with IBS and other stomach issues for half my life. I have always struggled to hold down a job due to being sick in the bathroom constantly. I just recently was referred to a wonderful gastroenterologist that gave my Dicyclomine to try. I am only taking 20mg three times a day, but it has been a true miracle treatment for me. I just started a new job three months ago and have only been sick a couple times. I know that every medicine works different for everyone. But, it might be worth looking into. Good luck! 😊

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One suggestion is to inform your supervisor or lead about your condition, as IBS is considered a disability in many workplaces. You can provide documentation and discuss any accommodations you may need. Some people find it helpful to bring something that triggers their IBS but gets the movement going quickly, such as a Rockstar Energy Drink (fruit punch). Others try to keep themselves regulated to prevent at-work flare-ups. For longer terms, some use miralax every 1-3 days with lots of water. Before miralax, some used Papaya Digestive Support made by Country Life, taking 3-4 wafers after every meal.

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