I've been so lost for so long, I don't even know how to get myself back.


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  • Skittlemasterrawr


    I found that personally Meditation and Journaling Help and listening to my favorite Upbeat Music but it varies depending on my mood and what day I'm having Some days the Angry type Helps and Sometimes the sad stuff helps and I just feel like music helps me, there are even days I have to stay in bed but That's ok too because sometimes we have to work on ourselves. I've been progressing with my therapists and medications. Maybe if you're seeing a therapist or a psychologist Maybe mention different types of therapy after some research and Note-taking maybe see about making changes to your physical health like changing your diet or exercise I know its not for everyone but I use the Delta 8 cartridges along with my medications and meditations and it helps me manage symptoms. I hope this helps or at least gives you some advice on things to try out .i really do recommend reaching out Because I think you can be the best version of yourself if you have a team and good support and It doesn't always have to be family. I wish the best for you Good Luck 🤗

    • LavendarnMonroesmama


      that means a lot, I greatly appreciate you

      • Skittlemasterrawr


        No problem I just hope that helps

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