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2y ago

Struggling with Depression: Seeking Advice

my depression has gotten worse, I have relapsed in places I don't want to go back.ive tried writing poetry and it hasn't helped and being judged by others that do not understand the pain you feel that you try to let go that you want to let go. what helps for you? I also listen to music .I want this pain GONE for good. opinions?

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2y ago

Always seems to be the same answer no matter where you go . It just getting to the point where nothing is helping


2y ago

For me personally I try to go on walks and do stuff I really enjoy doing. Like just focus on yourself not others. I had the same issue for a long time and still kind of do. Never focus on what other people say it doesn't matter and they dont understand the pain you are going through. Yoga is one of my things that I do to help me. Meditation before bed also helps with improvement of mood for me and maybe try doing something productive. Try not to think of terrible things ya know. Keep your mind busy so you don't have time to think about your pain. I am also here for you if you need someone to talk to or a friend :)

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