i said some pretty wild ish in my past. to the point where its running through my mind at random times in the day. and it happens when im happy when im not happy. i dont know i cant control it its stronger. i didnt know people werent liking me more and more. i just became a loner. i ask for advice when it comes with these intrusive thoughts. do i ignore it do i confront it. what can i do. im really not having a good time with the family


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  • sabbymer


    I think looking inwards and healing myself has actually helped me. The thoughts are still there but everything is not so dark. I know I'll be okay eventually when I'm going through it. Talk to your past selves and love on them. Face your triggers and try your best to at least understand them. It definitely won't happen over night but it's worth not running :)

    • rorose


      how do i talk to my past selves?

      • 4byfour


        it helps me to be a mother to myself. And I try to remember that every mother has a hard time loving their kid sometimes, so I try to forgive myself when I’m mean to myself, too. I’m so sorry the stress has been so much on your brain. It’s incredibly hard to discipline it when it’s under so much pressure. You got this, fellow human!

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