How do you guys stop yourself from over analyzing and over thinking every situation. I'm about to lose my mind over here. TMI stuff, so if you really want to know you can message me. But I can't stop feeling like everyone is a fake and everything is a lie. For the smallest things I start to thing my friends and family members don't like me, etc. Sorry long confusing rant. But would love to know how you keep your head level.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Abagale


    I usually remove myself from fhe issue and watch funny videos

  • Mysticah


    I feel you. I find taking a walk to clear my head with some good music helps me. I guess it really depends on the person and their interests.

  • Oatmilklatte


    i am the same way. still figuring out how to manage it. i’m so sorry you are experiencing it as well

  • Nana27


    I'm feeling just as you, you are not alone. I wake up in the middle of the night and replay things in my head from weeks, months ago and wonder why that person said that or this..and why didn't I say this or that..but maybe they said it to make me mad or just don't like me ect. It drives me insane lbvs

  • Lew_Bear


    It isn’t easy and takes a lot of practice, but the only way I’ve gotten that under control is to learn to catch the thought spirals and find something to occupy my brain like an audiobook, music, or a movie. Kind of a silly trick I use that a therapist recommended is to make up a character for your anxiety (mine’s Vivian), and when my anxiety is high I can condemn Vivian instead of getting angry with myself for something I can’t control. It helps a lot

  • Roooo


    I heard something saying for every negative thought answer it so you create a combative voice for the neg voice. Ex: *speak it aloud or write it down* "Nobody likes me" "people do like you ___, ___, and ___ like you" "youre failing" "no, youve accomplished ___, ___, and ___

  • Des1


    Same reply to me if you want to talk

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