I just went to the doctor again, I was diagnosed with Chronic constipation after years of episodes of severe stomach pain followed by me fainting from the pain. My doctor's have refused to do further testing aside from an x-ray, I've already had an x-ray, I'm so disappointed in the lack of care/willingness to test further and I feel hopeless and sad. I just don't want to be in pain anymore.

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  • Jonny78


    Try Miralax

    • Kami5


      I take that daily actually.

  • mommy2angelina


    Check out hydrotherapy colonics, changed my life forever

  • ath3na


    I’m so sorry you’re in pain 😥 do you have the resources to try pelvic floor physical therapy? Using Citrucel has also helped me immensely (it’s a fiber laxative alternative to Metamucil that doesn’t cause gas, it tastes like sugar-free tang)

  • selky


    im really sorry your doctors arent helping. im having a similar experience, my gi doctor doesnt know how to help me either and they didnt want to run tests for anything so they said they thought it could be ibs but then they didnt put that in my chart except chronic constipation which is what it has said since i was a baby so its just all upsetting. ive been having severe pain that causes me to faint on the toilet or just close to fainting daily while walking around from the pain. sometimes the pain gets so bad i cant walk. and they say they have nothing for my pain (cause everything they have will make my constipation worse), im on antidepressants for gi pain but it barely helps. theyve been able to get my actual constipation under control with meds (you can look thru my meds or message me and i can talk to you about what i take and you can ask you doctor if thatll work for you), but even after my constipation has gotten handled (as well as it can, itll still be a chronic problem ill have to like take meds for for the rest of my life but it's manageable now) my pain isnt any better they say they think its cause i can feel my intestines working? like the gas and poop moving through it? and cause the muscles dont work right or something? its confusing and upsetting. i just wanted to let you know that im here if you want to talk and that i kindof understand

    • ath3na


      have you ever come across “visceral hypersensitivity syndrome”? It’s pain related to normal bodily functioning (ie of the viscera). Sounds kind of similar to what you described!

  • Lexiealea


    If you can see a GI doctor and get a referral they might have more med options for you. Motility medications so far have been a huge step up for me from laxatives. I’ve had chronic stomach pain and the ER isn’t much help other than to tell me to call my GI or take more of the laxatives until they work.

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