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  • loonylori95


    I have focal and absence seizure with memory loss. If for example, I have a 30 second absence seizure I won't remember anything from 5 minutes before. If I have a focal seizure lasting approximately 1 minute. I might lose the previous hour. But if I have a cluster of either kind( several within a small amount of time) I can lose whole days. Most time lost was 2 weeks. I very rarely will have a petite Mal. Usually I get those when I have had cluster seizures. Like my brain is working up to the big show. I have only had 5 grand Mal in my lifetime.

  • Katylin


    i had tonic clonic seizure triggered by starting puberty so the rising estrogen is what caused mine. so i had the shaking. i also apparently had pseudoseizure triggered by stress and gabapentin.

  • carebear1445


    I have mine in my sleep or few seconds after I wake up.. they don't know why.

  • Anonymous1


    I have auras daily. When I have one I stay aware of of what's going on, but at the same time nothing looks familiar. For instance, one day while fixing my hair and looking at myself in the mirror I had an aura. During the aura I didn't recognize myself thinking I was looking at some stranger. I also have complex-partial or focal seizures a few times a week where I lose complete awareness. I'm told that I walk around and mumble during them, and may flex my muscles. Usually one day a month I have a cluster of them. I've had seizures all my life and don't know what things would be like without them.

  • Lunatic


    Grandmaul. I also have small ones in my sleep. I have mini ones if I get super stressed and my anxiety goes up.

  • Laur


    i got diagnosed with seizures recently but have been having them for like 7 yrs now. from what i know im having drop seizures where i lose consciousness. i get an aura where my vision fades, i get soooo hot and it’s hard to breathe (anxiety and panic attack usually starts) and then i usually walk around (never remember this part), usually mumbling or doing weird things like touching objects. then i think my muscles just go limp and i fall. sometimes forward sometimes backward and i always just wake up super weird and confused on the floor. i also think i have other seizures because i don’t always lose consciousness, sometimes my legs are just so weak it’s hard to walk or i get numbness and tingling but i’m completely aware of what’s happening.

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