Anyone with epilepsy out there? What type of epilepsy do you live with?

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  • Vicky30


    Hey! I am diagnosed with complex partial seizures epilepsy. I am treated with tegretol and luckily, I did not suffer from any seizures for the past two years now. How long have you been dealing with epilepsy and what has your journey looked like?

  • Sherylchan


    Hi vicky! I've had it for about 14 years now. Started with vision auras. Then i had a grand mal one day :(

  • Vicky30


    Sorry to hear that 😥 Are you taking any meds? Have you had more seizures?

  • naty34


    ✋ hey it's not easy dealing with seizures I've had them now since I was 18 years of age they started and then I'm currently 34 years old and I'm still dealing with them I have what they call Grandma seizures or colonic tonic and no matter what I do I go for a long period of time without having any and then I have really really bad ones after a while without having them can anybody give me the solution to this problem because I have five children that I take care of I'm a single parent and I can't afford to be lying in a bed and pain because I had a seizure please somebody please help me

  • Nimbus


    I had my first when I was 16 years old. Since then I’m under tegretol and I’m without any seizures for the past 1.5 years. My neurologist offered that if I reach 2 years of no seizure I might stop the meds and see how it goes



    Started with Grand Mals my Junior year of high school. You can say the last 2 years kinda sucked. Had a partial right temporal lobectomy in 2006 which reduced me to absence seizures. From there it's just been hopping one drug to another to take me down to focal awares... 20 years worth of seizures always truly wants to make you ask what God's job was for you here...

  • Khai


    Injury caused epilepsy I struggle with partial, complex and absent. I also have non epileptic seizures, and with a ton of testing ruled that I have both not one or the other. Worst part is not knowing for 5 years that I was having that issue I could have managed so much better just knowing.

  • carebear1445


    I have mine in my sleep or few seconds after I wake up. They don't know why.

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