I'm 18. I was self diagnose d.i.d for a long time. at first I didn't even know it was d.i.d

at age 7 my mom noticed I started talking about "Sara" I'm Sara.

at age 13 it was lily.

now I'm Scarlett and I am host.

in the beginning I thought I was having imaginary friends. at age 7 that was normal. hearing voices in my head and crap? imaginary friends had to be

but years went by and I still heard them. I blacked out alot. I ended up in places without realizing how I got there. ow as always confused and couldn't remember things. and everyone said that I said or did something but I didn't believe them because I didn't remember.

but I have always been into psychology. so one day i was doing research on things when I came across d.i.d

I said...hey...that's what I experience.

I told people about it. that what I experience is like d.i.d

no one believed me. called me a liar. attention seeking. told me to stop searching things (I can't tho, I'm into psychology) and self diagnosis is bad

but I knew something was wrong.

the pattern was always the same tho...if I told a psychiatrist what it hink it was, it was an automatic no and that I'm doing it for attention or whatever.

but the last therapist I took a different approach. I instead thought, ok everyone says I don't have d.i.d..maube I don't? maybe it's something else I didn't think of.

so instead I told my new psychiatrist every single thing I experience. from every age.

we talked about my trauma and everything

and for the first time...someone told me...

"I believe you have d.i.d"

I never even mentioned d.i.d nor key words.

and I'm so shocked...I wonder if this would help me...

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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