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Has anyone tried EMDR therapy for childhood psychological abuse? Did it help?

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      Yes it can be so helpful, try and find a therapist you're comfortable with and don't ever feel pressured or like you're doing EMDR wrong, it seemed a little awkward to me at first but once you get past that it's really useful. Your therapist will probably watch your eyes and your reactions as you try and work through the trauma and ask you questions sometimes but don't feel like you have to answer them perfectly, they're just trying to help and be there for you along the way and make sure youre not getting too overwhelmed. You can always pause to talk, but my therapist doesn't like to get too "logical" or talk for very long until we're done with the session (that's when we go back and talk about how it went) because it can kind of put a halt to whatever progress you're making. This is my experience, it's very different for each person I think. Keep in mind your symptoms during the weeks or months you choose to do EMDR therapy may get worse since it's hard work mentally. I had a session where I was so terrified I felt like I was reliving awful things and dissociated and felt like I was getting physically beat up. But it's supposed to help you realize that you're not in danger anymore and that thinking about what happened doesn't have to hurt so much. And it helps you recognize beliefs about life and yourself that are mostly buried, and then you can analyze those after the session and go from there! I hope this helps a little. There's also a (new-ish I think?) thing called brainspotting, it's similar and EMDR therapists can do both, it's a little less "intense", and in my opinion, a bit lonlier and less effective for me. Sorry this is so long😂 I know I hate not knowing what to expect though.

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