is there a specialist I should see for my Pots

Symptoms Involving Nervous & Musculoskeletal Systems

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  • raven2814


    Idk I'm trying find out

  • E11iefant


    They’re so hard to find!! I have Kaiser HMO insurance and there’s literally no one in the network😵‍💫

  • raven2814



  • Sunshine_Sue


    Cardiologist is how I see. If you have a local hospital that recommends a Particular cardiologist that’s where I would go.

  • hazyeclipse


    Pots is a neurologic condition, or sometimes considered neurovascular, so ideally a neurologist or cardiologist

  • GuitarGal24


    A lot of cardiologist/ neurologists don’t know about it. It took me six years to get diagnosed. I finally got on a waitlist for the world expert located in Ohio and it was a year wait, I flew there and was finally diagnosed by him. His name is Dr. Blair Grubb and he has a Wikipedia. Even if you can’t go to him I recommend following his research. The best way to find doctors familiar with POTS is to join the Facebook group for dysautonomia international in your area and crowd source among the members. I found the rest of my local doctors that way.

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