What has been helpful in easing pain with this condition?

Chronic Generalized pain



Pain in joints of lower leg

Osteoarthritis (OA)

Osteoarthritis of knee

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

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  • SleepyMel


    Osteoarthritis? Chronic pain?

  • Sunnyvale


    I have started by doing physical therapy, after that ended, I started taking turmeric and ice packs, it helped but I still could not sleep well. Then started following an anti-inflammatory diet, which for me means 0 grain, zero dairy except for Greek yogurt and grass fed butter, and no beans. My sugar is now controlled and I sleep at night and have no pain. The swelling went down considerably around my knee as well.

  • OsteoStar07


    Hello, I am new to this. I am in major pain 24/7 the ibuprofen 800 and Tylenol 3 don't help over-the-counter gel diclofenac doesn't help either. My quality of life is unenjoyable due to the pain.

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