I received a kidney transplant almost 3 years ago and my doctor told me I need to loose weight because being over weight can make you lose your transplanted kidney. I have been depressed and been eating more lately. And I just can't seem to find the motivation to do things. If anyone has any suggestions on losing weight I would really appreciate it. I feel hopeless at this point.

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  • DariaFae


    Well first thing of depression is recognition which you have done. Next is forcing yourself to do anything to try to change your mind and to stop. I am currently fighting with a pretty bad episode right now. Finally got this to work and trying to help someone out which always feels good. Being stressed and depressed can't cause weight gain too. You need to try to pull it together and find something that can slowly cheer you up. Last year I have lost about 50lbs to intermediate fasting. It solved my acid reflux, gave me energy, and I also started slowing through the night. It is truly amazing. I use the app "Fastic" it's free and explains everything. Just start slow don't push yourself more than you feel you can do. Hope this helps in some way shape or form.

  • Cecebae


    Thanks I will check out that app. I have been trying to pull myself together for a while. I know it really just comes down to loving myself a little more each day.

  • DariaFae


    That was it exactly for me too. We all need to focus on mental wellness. Whenever bad thoughts pop in one must over populate with good thoughts. Try for @ least 3 good thoughts until the bad one is away. It's retraining your brain. We all are capable of rewiring ourselves as long as you try hard enough and never give up on yourself. When it comes to it only you have the control over you. Know who you are always and remind yourself every day morning and night @ how wonderful amazing and beautiful you are inside and out.

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