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I worked somewhere for 8 months. to say it completely destroyed my self confidence and trust is an understatement. my co workers called me after an attempt yelling that I “should stop getting scared and actually go through w it.” recently I felt like I was finally healing. I have a wonderful job now. I knew that it was bad, but I finally realized the extent of the abuse when I got this new job. I met my replacement from the previous job a couple days ago. I guess they had been experiencing similar abuse to what I experienced. my replacement told me they all thought I was dead. my old co workers were expressing how glad they were at the thought that I was gone. I know that my replacement wasn’t trying to hurt my feelings. we have really bonded over how it’s really hard to move past all the hurt we experienced. I guess I hoped that they would realize that words hurt. that they would feel as awful as I felt on that phone call. but they didn’t. i’m back in a dark place now. the whole purpose is to ask, does anyone have any tips on how to cope through this? I wanna prove everyone wrong and do amazing things with my life.

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      I got cptsd from emotional abuse at church, by people who claimed to love me. The worst part was when I told them how much they had hurt me and they just got angry and stepped up the abuse. I can't completely stay away so I'm constantly being triggered. I'm shocked by the way that seemingly decent people can be so freaking cruel. I trust no one now and I'm scared of most people. Just stay home alone. I sometimes wish they had killed me instead of doing this to me because I don't have a life now anyway.

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