does anyone notice their anxiety getting way worse at night? I feel like around a few hours before I want to go to bed it always strikes me. I'll start finding things to panic and worry about. idk if it's because I'm more likely to be by myself at night or what it is. has anyone else experienced this? and have any tips on how to handle it?

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  • MoodyG59


    I get that, for me it's usually induced by something that happened earlier in the day but it hits a lot harder at night. I can't really give much advice other than if you can't sleep try melatonin and if you don't need it then to try and get some sleep when you think you can.

    • Cam99


      thanks for the comment! I've been thinking of trying melatonin again I used to use it but haven't for a while now

  • Cheylo


    Yeah I definitely get that. And I also get anxious because I feel like I need to cram all of my fun and relaxing into the next couple of hours before I sleep and the closer it is to bed time the more anxious I get. I think it's more of like a fear of missing out in all the fun I want to fit in before I need sleep and dreading the responsibilities that come in the norning... I set an alarm for myself the tell me to wrap up whatever I'm doing and get ready for bed and then I have one more alarm to tell me to shut everything off and go to bed.

  • Jeremywh


    Have you ever considered that your anxiety is connected to your gut health?

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