Does anyone have advice or ideas for trying to get to a healthier weight? with chronic pain its a challenge, and every time I try to start more movement I get hurt slowing me down even more. I'm not trying to be a super model but at least getting down to obese instead of morbidly obese would be good. Welcome advice and ideas. Thank you.

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  • alpzazca


    Ask your Dr. About intermittent fasting. It helps with a1c, portion control. Check with doc 1st though.

    • WWJD


      I was thinking about that. I only ate between noon and 8 today.

  • Ghipsee


    Doing IF since February and down 85 lbs. Can't lie things have slowed down for me a bit but STILL losing. It's pretty easy to follow and I eat whatever I want during my open window. Ever since I started....if I want takeout I get takeout. If I want dessert I will have dessert. I don't do take out all the time but it's nice to not have a list of foods you can't eat.

  • FairyPrincesss


    Sometimes you just have to move something. Anything. Sitting down? Do 100 arm circles. Lift your legs as if you are taking a step (walking while sitting). Simply stretching can help. There are a ton of things I would do to make sure I was always moving something. It seems so stupid but every action counts and gets you closer to your goal.

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