what are some good ways to cope without having to be on medication?


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  • StrawberryMuffin


    I know it might sound dumb, but trying a homeopathic medicine may be a way to help you take off the edge slightly. There are over-the-counter supplements, that aren’t prescribed medication. But I know that they have been super helpful for people that don’t want to be on a prescribed medication that is routine and rigorous. Also working on mindfulness can be helpful. And really making mindfulness a part of your routine, that you strictly follow. I have found that journaling is great, especially when you feel negative thoughts come along and instead of writing them negatively, you think of a way to make them positive and change your mindset. Also aromatherapy is subtle, but it’s a great way to make some sort of effort, and set the space around you. really address what you think triggers you and bothers you, and try and read that from your space as much as you can. Put yourself first and look into therapy if that’s an option. Dialect behavior therapy, DBT; it’s some thing I found to be helpful if you have severe negative thoughts that make it difficult to make progress I wish you the best of luck 💕 💕

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