so, ive had convulsions/seizures since 2016. they just randomly showed up one day while i was getting ready for school in the bathroom. one moment i was brushing my hair and the next i was on the ground and the woman who adopted me was freaking out.

i stayed home from school, and it happened regularly after that. the woman who adopted me stopped caring, and got annoyed by it actually. 2017-2018 i was fainting and seizing everytime i stood up, walked too fast, got out of or into the shower too quickly, jumped too hard, sat up too quickly, or didnt eat. basically, i was seizing constantly. i brought it up to my PC twice but she didnt care, both times saying i had post nasal drip and allergies. *shockingly*, the nasal spray and allergy pills didnt do anything.

since then ive given up hope on ever finding out whats the cause or if i should be worried. i kind of dont even want to? apparently if you have bad enough seizures you can have independence taken away.

honestly the seizures arent even that bad. from what i can tell they last 2 minutes at most. most of the time im aware or semi aware, sometimes i just fall to the ground and stop moving and/or stay frozen, sometimes i fall to the ground while fighting it/leaning against someone and shaking my way down to the ground, then i tremble and wait for my vision to come back. im never able to see, it's always black when i go down and then it fades back to light when i stand back up. the only thing im kind of worried about it the tingly feeling i get everywhere, and the pain in my heart. it's like my heart is beating three times at once to catch up for a pause. anyone else have anything similar?


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  • Samilyn


    Please seek a second opinion, this could be so many things!

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