How do you keep your spirits up when you feel like depression is the only voice in your head? Pushing through when things get better? I struggle to get out of bed most days.

Dysthymia (PDD)

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  • LOC


    I decide to do one thing whatever that is even as simple as sitting up or taking the covers off me.

  • EliCjThom


    Count even the small POSITIVE things you do or the 1st one you do in the morning a win no matter the size from waking to eating to showering

  • Unrequitedpineapples


    Eating and drinking stuff that I like and look forward to having mostly

  • Harvey78


    My bed is the only furniture in my apartment. So i mostly stay on it. But i try reading i like Oracle cards they usually have uplifting meanings and i get ones with beautiful art. I try to do all 3 decks 1x a day. Even when really depressed. If i cant do all 3 i do one at least. I love reading thich nhat han books. About compassion one is no mud no lotus. Mud is suffering and lotus is joy. So it puts in perspective that what in feeling now isnt everything and joy is going to happen even if its only a small moment. I try to hold onto good memories. I like drinking tea something about tea is comforting and doesn't give jitters

  • Couch_Potato


    I struggle with this too. I wish I knew. I have to get out of bed for my job so that at least keeps me mildly functioning. And then I go to sonic or go play with dogs at the local shelter. Something small that brings even the smallest bit of happiness. I hope this helps!

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