ugh ugh ugh. why today has to hurt so much is beyond me.

Chronic Pain

Low Back Pain

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  • Kidncatmom


    Same!! I’m stuck in bed even though I’m medicated. I’m like live with a heating pad all day every day.

    • TexAss


      If you're skin is sensitive to nickel, look into the foods that are high in nickel and reduce or eliminate those from your diet. It will take a while to detox the heavy metals currently in your muscles, but I believe you may feel better if a change in your diet is needed. I recommend staying hydrated to help flush the metals, deep tissue massage as tolerated, and long hot Epsom salt baths.

      • TexAss


        If anyone lives in central Texas, I'm a certified massage therapist same looking for an apprentice or partner because I'm going through the same pains.

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