Does anyone have good suggestions for hip stability? My hip has been popping in and out since the middle of the night last night and all I have are those lower back braces but it doesn’t seem to help keep my hips in. Any suggestions would be really helpful.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • LeeannD


    PT! Mine helped me with the muldowney protocol and also showed me a safe and easy way to get it back in even descretley ish if I'm out :)

  • stillsickaf


    for me sleeping on the couch works best if i put my back against the back, and basically just get locked into place where i can’t roll around in my sleep. but tbf my hip is fully out rn so what do i know 😭

  • curtain


    I've found that a knee brace can be helpful. Limiting the mobility there tends to reduce my overall leg movement.

  • coffeeandcuddles


    For me, exercises that focused on glutes with just body weight and being on my hands and knees helped the most. My PT told me that for me, since my knees hyper extend backwards so much it's caused my quads to take the brunt of most exercise instead of my glutes which are really important for hip stability. This is pretty much what everyone else is saying 😅

  • Jlync80


    I don't have joints popping out but right hip always feels like it is going 2. PT has me strengthening My butt and thigh muscles. Since I'm so darn flexible they gotta find different ways 2 go about that but I'm hoping it'll work. Prayers for u.

  • galpaltristen


    Build as much muscle as You can, but that takes time. Have you tried kinesiology (KT) tape or Rocktape? Works wonders for all my joints

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