Six days ago I had my right ovary removed from damage due to endometriosis and was diagnosed with endometriosis of the pelvis. I’m still recovering from surgery but I feel that now my right ovary is gone (where it was bothering me the most). I guess my question is if you had surgery to help with your endometriosis how long did it take for your symptoms to come back? Does exercise/diet make a difference? I go back in about two weeks to meet with my doctor about my options. Is there anything I should be asking my doctor?

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  • Carolina


    Hey, I didn’t have a surgery, I’m only treated medically. I’ve changed my diet and started exercising. That made some difference too

  • vanouri


    It took about a year from my laparoscopy and excision for the pain to come back, but I've been mostly pain free after my hysterectomy (2 years ago). I don't really watch what I eat or exercise particularly though.

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