i was told it makes life (as a type 1) harder to not count carbs, but also if i counted every carb i ate id relapse into severe ED so… guessing it is haha

Eating Disorder

Diabetes Type 1 (T1D)

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  • Kris10Ram


    Okay I’m a guesser as well. There is enough going on in your life that is guessing let’s you worry less about something else it’s worth it in my book

  • amberlee


    my a1c is perfect too.. thats the thing, all that was keeping me from an a1c of under 6 were my anti depressants, kept me plateaued at 7.5+ w no way down, kind of had to compromise my mental health… but now its 5.0 so 🤷🏻‍♀️ sure i do an unorthodox approach… but its worked

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