I feel so confused I have been told I have an eating disorder called eating or food paralysis because after not eating for a few hrs I don't feel hungry at all or won't get hunger cues and then when I even think about eating I feel so nauseous. I eventually have to force my self to eat and then I'm okay for awhile but it is good for a week or two and I can eat with no problem then I have like 2 months where every meal is a fight and struggle what do I do what can help? ps also I have an 8 yr old son and he's started to notice it and it worries him how do I explain to him that I'm okay I just struggle sometimes but I'll always eat for him.

Eating Disorder

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  • j_Bug


    I have similar difficulties where it's really hard for me to recognize hunger cues- I find a schedule really helps, so that you can try to avoid getting to a point where you feel like you can't eat. It also might help to identify a few safe foods that are easier to eat and keep them around, so that there's an easier step to eating when you know you should but it's a struggle (I've been really loving Soylent smoothies lately- the chocolate ones are surprisingly good)

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