I have many minor issues I'd like to discuss with others. How does DID affect your life?

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • BlueCreature


    Honestly it hasnt been a horrible experience .. i remember when i think about it knew i was dissociative.. i havent been diagnosed but i surpose i will make a post explaining why ... however if it wasnt for my alters , an God .. i wouldnt have committed sucide long ago like 7 years ago an recently ..

  • damon


    The biggest way it effects me negatively I'd say is during work, when I come back in the middle of a shift and have to figure out what's going on as it's happening. That and the overall amnesia. But in total I'd say I'm personally pretty lucky to have good relationships with my alters and a good communication system. So I don't experience as many issues/difficulties as others may experience. And you're always free to DM me to talk about DID!

  • Wompus


    Memory Memory Memory! Our memory is so foggy and messy. We journal everything in order to keep track of what happens. We have to keep track of names and faces of people we know, or the host knows. Don't forget schooling! Journaling is your best friend for those with DID. Organize everything well, and keep papers and resources. Try not to out complicated passwords on everything. If so, keep them documented!

  • Balverine


    I have a horrible memory, to the point where I can’t remember 15 minutes ago. It’s scary to live my life in pictures of time.

  • AudaCity


    The amnesia and random trauma responses are a bitch and a half

  • crescentnebula


    Really segmented memory, flashbacks and triggers, never really knowing who I am, and many more symptoms I'm sure I'm forgetting just make living life a bitch sometimes.

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