Hello! I'm new here and new to the idea of having fibromyalgia overall- what do you do to manage pain that you find helps? Anything I wouldn't expect or guess myself?

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • MaxIsWack2


    Me and my mom both have fibro and we just try to distract ourselves with mindless things like tv or games. It doesn't help all the time, but sometimes it does! I also lay on a heating pad and it also helps the pain. Just see what works for you 🥰

  • Sharph


    Heat works wonders!!! So does weighted blankets and such. I just take hot showers and try to layer up. Otherwise stretching helps me. The pain won't go away but it's more tolerable. Pet a dog or cat if you have one. It takes your mind off of the pain

  • kingseijuro



  • infinitymechanism


    CBD cream, chronic pain bath soak, a back stretching pillow, acupressure mats (the spiky guys) and cannabis have been super helpful!

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