On February 3rd of 2021 I was hit by a car when I was walking across the street. Day they crushed my left leg from the knee down and and they tore out the whole right knee out I've been dealing with PTSD and and several other mental conditions it's very very hard for me to do anything. I've been put on several medications for these symptoms and still I cannot do much more than what I used to do and is frustrating and then my depression gets worse. I feel like I can't contribute anything to my sister's household. My sister came and brought me back home (to her house) so that I can heal. She says don't worry about it but I'm stressed out about it. Does anyone else deal with this?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Reallyhopeful


    Absolutely! You will find more similar stories on this site. I have PTSD also From a rape at 16 yrs old. They got me pregnant, and I raised a rape child. I do not believe in abortion. Anyway, he is 36 yrs old now and doing wonderful! I have had one knee replacement and the other one will never get done! I will never do that again. I can relate to having somebody to take care of you. It's not what anyone wants. But sometimes, you have to let someone else help you do everything you want to do. Don't let pride keep you from healing. After you heal, you will not be as depressed. Take one day at a time and use this mini vacation to do things sitting down. Like coloring. Reading. You got this!

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